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With the evolution of RTNAI over the last 30 years it's no wonder we have been the choice of home builders, mortgage lenders and Realtors during that time. We offer the intangibles that you're not going to find anywhere else. In addition, our people with their wide range of expertise and experience keep our customers coming back. 

We take your closing seriously!

Depending on which state or region you are in, there are different closing requirements. You should be prepared for the following.

Closing Requirements

Proof of Identification

Proof of home insurance

Marital status and accompanying documentation

Funds in the form of certified bank checks or wire transfers for any money owed at time of closing.

Power of attorney needs to be approved prior to closing

Proof of prior owner policy (if less than 10 years)

Proof of prior survey (if less than 10 years)

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